RSS Pinging and Feedburner question

I am currently using Feed Shark to ping my RSS feed. I have my feed from Blogger but utilize Feedburner.

When I get ready to ping at FeedShark (at the RSS URL option), should I use: (the original feed from Blogger)
or (the feed from Feedburner)

To be honest, I don’t have a clue but I would assume that they may have some faqs or something and if they do, it is very likely that this question is listed there.

I would assume that if you use any kind of script in your site, then it may be the original feed from it… but if you didn’t have to add any code, it is likely that you will have to use feedburner’s instead (else I don’t think that you would get any statistics)

Yet, you do need to confirm with them. I don’t use this and this is simply what common sense tells me :smiley: