RSS not working

hi folks,
i created a RSS. i am new at it and using it on my worpress. i tried couple of other RSS it work but i get this php error for my RSS

[B]Warning[/B]:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [B]C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\wordpress\\wp-content\\plugins\\rss-stream\\rss-stream.php[/B] on line 

and my xml is as follow

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0">
        <description> Strategic Change Mentor</description>
                            <description>“waking up in the middle of one night in 2008.</description>

where am i going wrong? why isn’t it showing up and error shows up

Sounds like you are trying to loop through an empty array.

That’s an open-source plugin and I’ve downloaded it. It has several "foreach"s and you left out the line number :frowning:

If you say what that is I’ll be glad to help by walking you through debugging.

i have noticed that my rss that i created isn’t picked up by these plug in. i wonder what is wrong?