RSS feeds

I have found that it’s one thing to create a PHP script that automatically updates an RSS feed. It’s quite another to explain the concept of an RSS feed to the rest of the organization. I find myself saying that one needs a phone app or a browser plugin to get the updates automatically, which doesn’t sound positive to people unfamiliar with the concept. Any tips on selling the value of such feeds?

You don’t need to install a different application for every site you want updates on. A single RSS reader can scan for updates any site with an RSS feed.

Gone are the days where you need to download and install “[insert favorite site] notifier” for every such site.

You may even plug in the concept of the internet as a whole… Imagine if you had to install a program every time you had to go on a new site. ‘Install the Sitepoint app to browse articles.’, ‘Install the Sitepoint forums plug-in to ask web dev questions’, ‘Install the Facebook program to use Facebook’… and ‘Make sure to install the correct version on a supported OS’… RSS is to news what browsers are to websites - a unified way to view them, and in the case of RSS, to get updates.