RSS Feed

As i know from mouth speech rss feed is help full for web/blog, But what really happened,what is the procedure and how it helps my site and blog?

If you use a CMS, it will probably have an RSS feed by default. You just need to provide a link to it. An RSS feed provides an easy way for people to read your posts without having to come back to your site each time. However, it seems to be dying out—not least because of poor support by Chrome.

If you don’t have a RSS feed, add your blog in feedburner site. You will get a link. Then post that link in all feed sites for more exposure.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary which is basically used by people who want to read certain posts without having to visit each page.

I’ve used RSS feeds. To be honest with you, unless you are use a good RSS feedburner that also captures images, then it’s a waste unless you’re posting something to the sidebar as reference material.

If you want it to display as a page or a post, then you have to get the images as well.

The downside (if you should get the images), you must run the RSS download at night unless you have dedicated or VPS server. On a shared hosting account, you can get suspended depending on the volume of data in your RSS feed.

That depends upon who provides your shared hosting and what are the constrains of your hosting account.