RSS Feed?

How can I send RSS news by using php code?
and how does it gets to the users?
I didnt understand RSS completely

  • The users needs to install somthing in order to get the updates?
  • The users will get the updates even if they are not on the website?

I would love to get more details about it and how to program something like that…

Thanks in advance, Dan

Hey subscribe to a feed using an rss fed reader. It usually is not something they install, but a web service they sign up for.
Google reader is a popular one that I use. It fetches the newest posted article by post date and adds it to a collection of posts in chronological order for a particular feed. A user can chose to delete specific feeds in their collection.

Feeds are usually XML documents written manually or parsed from a blog or database usuLly using php.

Hope that helped!

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