RSS feed of blog?

Hello All
I want info about RSS feed of blog.
What does it mean?
And how we can do it?
What is benefit of this to my blog?

Most blogging software (like WordPress) has this inbuilt. In others, it’s pretty easy to set up, and they will have lots of instructions for doing so.

[quote[What is benefit of this to my blog?[/QUOTE]

It means that people can keep track of your blog posts without having to visit your site. In other words, they take your blog with them, so they don’t forget about you. They will see your blog posts coming in sort of like emails, and click on then if they are interested. Through this means, you can keep drawing them back to your site.

I recommend using, in addition to local feed, also Feedburner, very useful to promote your blog

RSS is nothing but a collection of all the post in one link…if you add any new post to your blog, it will be updated automatically…

With the help of RSS feeds, you can update your blog or website. It;s very easy and doesn’t take much time. Visitors of your site can informed about news without visiting your website. There are a lot of softwares that help you to do that, I use some of them. :slight_smile: