.rs domain

It is interesting how .rs domain can be used… For example:

Interesting, isn’t it?

This is what I see on the .rs registry website:

"What sub-domains exist within rsTLD registry?

# rs – dedicated to all interested users;
# .co.rs – dedicated to business users;
# .org.rs – dedicated to other legal entities;
# .edu.rs – dedicated to educational institutions and organisations;
# .in.rs – dedicated to natural persons;
# .аc.rs (delegated) – dedicated to academic and scientific-research network of Serbia;
# .gov.rs (delegated) – dedicated to state bodies of the Republic of Serbia."

It is possible, according to the .rs registry to register .rs domains at the second level (eg bike.rs).


If the registrar is selling .rs domains and is an official .rs registrar then it may well have a legal presence in Serbia. The FAQ at the end of the

The whois for .rs is on

You will be able to see if the Administrative contact is in Serbia. All that matters is that the Administrative contact is in Serbia.


My interpretation, and it seems that of the .rs registry, differs from both your interpretation and that of felgall.

This local adminstrative contact is someone who can receive legal documentation or notifications. The foreign entity (business or person) is the registrant. This local contact condition is also used by .de ccTLD and also by .asia sTLD.

“The Registrant is the person (end user, domain holder) who registers and uses an .rs domain. The Registrant can be a local or foreign person, a physical person or a legal entity.”
This clearly states that a foreign entity or person can register a .rs domain name. This, in simple terms, means that the foreign entity or person is the registrant.

The Administrative contact is a physical person, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a legal entity located in the Republic of Serbia, authorised to receive from RNIDS, on behalf of the Registrant, information significant for the registration and modify all information on .rs domain registration, on behalf of the Registrant. Notice that the Administrative contact has the same responsibilities for domain management like the Registrant.
This is the part about the local Administrative contact. It just means that there has to be a local contact who can accept legal documents or notifications. IT does not say that the local contact is the registrant. This local contact condition is used by ccTLD registries to permit external registrations. The most common form is that the ISP or domain registrar will act as the local contact or will have a local office or presence.


Well then she’s violating the terms of agreement with the registrar and could potentially lose rights to the domain if she’s caught out by RNIDS. :slight_smile:

Administrator in this case is a company who has a licence to sell you a domain name, nothing more…
My sister bought .rs domain from London, and she is not a resident of Serbia.

Their clause stipulates that you can ONLY register the domain as a foreigner IF you have a Serbian national contact who will OWN the website on your behalf but allow you to run it under their name (therefore the domain is not yours to own), It’s VERY clearly put. As has been stated by both felgall and myself earlier. :slight_smile:

These URLs are from The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names website, check them and tell me again that I am wrong:


I didn’t see the part about Serbian residency but then I wasn’t looking for it. The part about the second level part of the names was enough to negate anyone’s ability to have any of the domains that the OP listed no matter where they reside.

No, not really. Domain hacks (as their called) have been around for years and it’s not limited to just that extension. One of the oldest domain hacks has to be the registration of inter.net (though there could be others). You seem to be a bit late to the table (by about 10 years) if you think this convention is anything more than a very old and long-standing convention (everyone knows about del.icio.us for example). As for the registration itself, you’re wrong and Stephen is right. :slight_smile:

A local administrative contact in Serbia is required.

While people have purchased domains with the extension, without a contact you run the risk of having the domain taken away from you under the rules of registration.

In that case the information on the Serbian Domain Name Authority web site is wrong because that’s where I read what I paraphrased in my post- and somehow II don’t think they are likely to be wrong - it’s a milliion times more likely it is whatever you were reading was wrong. According to the Serbian domain name authority all of their domains are in one of several second level domains of which .in.rs is the only one available to anyone other than the Serbian government.

I didn’t see anything that limited ownership of .in.rs domains to just Serbian residents though so as long as you added that extra three characters into the domain names you are after so you should be able to obtain love.in.rs etc.

Felgall - you’re wrong, anyone can buy .rs domain, if you check some of them, there are hundreds of commercial sites on .rs
ServerPoint - domains are also available for non-residents, and its truth that domains mentioned above are not available, but with a small creativity there are many interesting domain names…x-love.rs is available for example…

Interesting, isn’t it?

Interpreting to guess only.
I believe if those domain names had been available for the registration they would have not be available now.
And country related domain name extensions might be available for residents of the certain country.

Except that the only .rs domains that Serbia allow for non-government use all end in .in.rs and so the domains you suggest can never exist.

I see you consider these domain names (assuming everyone can register them) as subject of investment… Do you really think someone would be intersted in those domain names?
I’,m on the namepros forums and have never seen big sales or someone showing interest in this domain name

At the end of each of the pages on the .rs registry website, it lists the registration statistics for .rs ccTLD:

"Untill 27. Jun, 2010 at 22:52 a total number of registrated domains is 58220
34138 rs, 17066 co.rs, 2905 org.rs, 3027 in.rs and 1084 edu.rs "

It is rather obvious that these sub domains do exist. :slight_smile: