Row wont display image

Hi i am trying to display image using


'CAT_BIO' => (isset($_GET['c'])) ? '<br />' '<img src="images/' . $row['image'] . ' " width="150"  height="200" />' '',

but i get the error
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in
i think a comma or something missing can anyone spot where i am going wrong??

when i refresh sometimes it kind flash the images like from the back of the screen bt doesnt show

Try this:

$cat_bio = (isset($_GET['c'])) ? "<br /><img src=\\"images/{$row['image']}\\" width=\\"150\\"  height=\\"200\\" />" : "";

Although it is very hard to tell what you’re doing since you didn’t paste an entire PHP statement!

how do i make this to go out one folder then inside image folder


didnt work

<img src=\“images/{$row[‘image’]}\” width=\“90\” height=\“90\” />

i need the file to go bk then go in images folders

sorry yeah its wrking didnt had the image in the folder THANK U very much

like this give no error but doesnt display the image

        'CAT_BIO' => (isset($_GET['c'])) ? "<br /><img src=\\"images/{$row['image']}\\" width=\\"150\\"  height=\\"200\\" />" : '',

I have the felling it might be the folder path that is how do i make this to go out one folder then inside image folder

<img src=\“images/{$row[‘image’]}\” width=\“150\” height=\“200\” />"

didnt work this the whole code

$sql = "SELECT *
    FROM driversnew
    " .$where_sql. "
    ORDER BY id ASC";

while ($row = $db->fetch())
    $template->assign_block_vars('drivers', array(
        'CAT_NAME' => '<a href="drivers.php?c=' .$row['id']. '">' .$row['name']. '</a>',
        'CAT_BIO' => (isset($_GET['c'])) ? '<br />' '<img src="images/' . $row['image'] . ' " width="150"  height="200" />' '',
        'CAT_SPONSORS' => (isset($_GET['c'])) ? '<br />' .stripslashes($row['sponsors']): '')
                                       //echo '<img src="admin/images/' . $row['image'] . ' " width="150"  height="200 " />';


the second line i want to be an image