Routing Without Primary Key

hi Guys,

I m using Symfony 1.4.4, Doctrine ORM with NetBeans IDE.

I have developed the sample project in symfony framework. its cool…!

Now Problem is in Routing…!

I cant use the Routing URL without Primary Key…! its shows the error…!

my routing.yml:

  url:  /content/:pri_key/:module_type_slug
  class: sfDoctrineRoute
  options: { model: Content, type: object }
  param:  { module: content, action: show }
    sf_method: [get]

my URL is look like this…!

What I Expect is, I need the URL without the Primary Key…! like this,

i change the Routing as,

  url:  /content/:module_type_slug

but this shows the 404 not found error…! The following error I got…!

This request has been forwarded to a 404 error page by the action "content/show".

My executeShow() method:

 public function executeShow(sfWebRequest $request)
    $this->template = Doctrine::getTable('Content')->find(array($request->getParameter('pri_key')));

Guys, guide me how to get the clean URL without the Primary Key…!

Thanks in Advance Guys…!

Please check code igniter with HMVC and Kohana V3 with HMVC router of code igniter is more easy to understand and clear.