Roughly how many hours to code a wordpress template?

I know this is one of those “How long is a piece of string questions”, but I thought I’d ask.

If the client provides you with the necessary PSD files for a homepage, content page, and all the relevant blog pages, how long roughly do you think it would take to convert those PSD files to HTML, convert them to a wordpress template and then install/setup wordpress.

That’s a very subjective question. It depends on:

  1. How experienced the developer is at turning PSDs into code
  2. How familiar the developer is with wordpress themes
  3. How complicated the PSD/template is.
  4. The scope of the project/website.

I’ve seen some development shops whip up a template in two weeks. I’ve seen others spend a month or two, but those tended to be larger sites.

For the sake of getting a rough idea, lets say the developer is experienced at both psd to HTML and Wordpress, and HTML wasn’t too complicated.

HTML would include a drop down menu, and flex slider. I could normally create a homepage, content page and contact page in between 4-6 hours, but I don’t know how much more time would be required for any additional pages needed for Wordpress, I.e. blog etc etc.

In my head I’m thinking that 16 would be enough to do it all, but I think I could be underestimating it.