Rotate AdSense with other networks?

Hey Guys,

I wanted to ask if it is possible/allowed to rotate my AdSense with another network?

Thanks for your help!

Is it an effective strategy? Would that maximize my earning potentials?

well, thats what im trying to find out… anyway it’s a win win experiment since no new real estate was created! if i sell the ad directly i make what i want (and double my income) if not AdSense is till there doing it’s thing…

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Definitely. Just a matter of swapping out the ad code from other networks as you see fit. There might also be a couple of programs that allow you to day-part (i.e. split the time of day in which a network’s ads are promoted).

Thanks for your reply! do you happen to have a name for a script that does that?

Not that I’m immediately familiar with (or can endorse) but there’s a couple that deal with third-party ad serving on a rotation basis when you do a quick search. Being almost all networks do in-house ad rotation, you might also be able to find a programmer who can whip one up for you with custom parameters.

It is fine to rotate AdSense alongside most other ad networks. You are just not allowed to run AdSense alongside other contextual ads or ones that look like AdSense.

There are numerous options to rotate ads available to publishers, but both OpenX and [URL=“”]Google DFP offer free hosted solutions for small to medium websites and are excellent products.

I didn’t know that thing. Thanks all for shearing

You can do it without any doubt and It ensures the variations in your income streams.However Just keep it in mind that they should not decrease your site’s overall looking.

Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I know about Open X but it’s way to complicated for me… what i would like to find is a script that can deal with the simple(?) task of rotating different scripts, so i can insert my AdSense, Komoona and any other tool i use and it will rotate them on the same spot. The parameters it should rotate by is time of day mostly, maybe also geo location…

I looked all over and couldn’t find something simple…



If you want ad impressions and clicks to be tracked, with the ads rotated by time and geolocation then there isn’t simple script for that - you need an ad serving solution like the two I mentioned.

They may look complicated at first, but after a little trial and error they really are quite simple to use - you just ignore the features you don’t want.

Yeah there is no problem in rotating your ads. And some networks’ ads are compatible with adsense. So, if you are using both networks simultaneously even then there is no problem. And i think one such network is Chitika.

Hey guys, great ideas here!!

@Fidelity-Nat - I’ll have a look at this and see… even though i dont feel i’m quite ready for CPM as my blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic…

In the mean while i found a surprising (and pretty awesome) solution with in my Komoona tool!! contacted their support and they let me join a beta feature… They now let you use AdSense along side their tool, so basically AdSense runs normally and if someone decided to buy that spot they will swap the AdSense with their ads!!

I think this is a great way to create a win win situation! either I make the regular AdSense revenue or make more by selling the spot directly for the price i ask…

what do you think?

Cheers y’all!

If you are using wordpress try “Adrotate” plugin
if you use php you can find lot of code snippets that offer “Random Ads” option
you can do a search to find out the complete programs

This AdSense companion is Brilliant!! and it’s now out of ‘Beta’ and is open for all… you can see it on my blog :slight_smile: