RoR 3+ and TextMate

Hey guys,

Is there an autocomplete for RoR 3+? I’m told that the latest bundle is for both 2 & 3+ but the validate syntax is the old stuff

For example:
RoR 3+ should be

validates :name, :presence => true

But the TextMate only has autocomplete for old validation syntax

validates_presence_of :attribute, :on => :create, :message => "can't be blank"

You can edit your snippets in the bundle editor.

You can get to it at:

Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Snippets

The syntax is pretty simple. I like to customise things quite a lot, as the default snippets tend to do too much.

You could also download a more up to date bundle if you like, but I’d suggest the homebrew approach as it’s probably faster, and you’ll know what you’ve got. :slight_smile:

Legend, thanks for that!

No problem :slight_smile: