Root Owned Files Won't Allow Edit From Other Users

I assume this is not a safe mode issue (that seems to have been remedied)

Is there a way to chown all files in a directory or just do it individually to key files I need to edit? I want all users of this site to use a non root user/pass
but when I try to edit a file using that other user/pass, the file won’t save. I get a permission denied error.

Is this just calling for a chown command or is it something else I have to be aware of?


PS. Sorry for another new thread, I wasn’t sure if I should attach it to the other thread(s).

Understanding Linux file permissions

Managing Group Access

Thanks. I just wasn’t sure if
chown -R directory (such as public_html) would do it or if there is a better way to use
a full “Change 'em all” method. I’ve chmod’d a billion times (mostly ftp) but
most examples I see work for chown file name not ‘dir’

I’ll study more, I promise :wink:

TY for your time. It is appreciated.


If you wish to recursively change the ownership of files and folder under some folder and you have root access best way is go to folder location and just type : chown user:user foldername -Rf and its done