Root Level Vs. Sub Directory

Hi Guys,

I’m analysing a client’s website in an effort to try an find out why they essentially dropped of the face of Google after many years of ranking very well.

One issue that is concerning me, however having no information on the topic, is that the main structure of the website is within a sub directory with very little, actually 1 or 2 pages, of the website being on the root level.

What I mean is:

Does having the vast majority of your website within a subdirectory have any effect on ranking, etc?


May be Internal Pages not Indexed by Google!! Some re directional issues may occur!! Check Them All!!

That isn’t a big deal, especially if the majority of the content is only one level away from the root.

Are there other things you’ve checked to determine why their historically good rankings have changed? ie. Maybe lots of pages are no longer indexed?