Room Picker Site

Hi, I am interested in building a site that will do scheduling for a bed and breakfast. I think I have seen some sites that give a outline of the location (kinda like a blue print) and then you can click to highlight the room, and it is blocked off as booked for the dates you choose. or kinda like the way you pick your seat on airline reservation sites. If you know anything about this stuff I need the info. Also if some know some advice about the technologies that will make a site possible please let me know by listing them here. I have a good knowledge of PHP and JavaScript(learned JavaScript along time ago before AJAX) and think that it is some thing I could possibly do my self. I think I have seen some stuff on AJAX that is along these lines.

You shouldmake a PHP site that shows a calendar (of 2 months for example) in witch the days that are already full are makes with for example a “full” class.
You can use Ajax to add more months to the calendar.

When a user click a date, you call jquerys (or an other Library equivalent for) hasClass to see if it is already full. If not show a page tol allow the user to inster their name etc.
Then send a AJAX request to a PHP page witch books the day (and checks again it it is not already booked) and checks if the names are ‘real’ with regular expressions (you might also want to make a javascript function to check this).