Roll-over image works in chrome, firefox ---

But not in IE8 - link to code: Dublin Cyclery The last link on each page “networks, etc.” causes a popup image which is supposed to be anchored to the side of the page – works for chrome and firefox but not in IE8 … HELP!

Thanks very much … I know you will have the answer!

Jack :smiley:

Hm. How to say this.

This may not be the actual cause of this particular problem, but you don’t have a doctype on that main page (so I assume the other pages but I didn’t look).

<title>title etc...</title>

This means you’ve got all versions of IE acting like IE5.

Since your page isn’t very CSS’d, you may not have noticed the issue of not having a doctype. Since I always have one, I’m not entirely sure if that’s directly affecting IE8 but that would be the very first thing I checked.
Go here:

look for HTML4 Strict

Copy those two lines of code and put them at the top of your HTML document. Make sure it starts at character 1, line 1.

I’m curious if this is IE8’s problem.

*Edit: since I don’t have IE8, I may be misunderstanding the problem here: is it that the image doesn’t appear, or that it doesn’t appear in the correct part of the page?

Hi, the problem is that there is no doctype. Quirks mode is acting in and as a result all IE will incorrectly place the hovered image :).


Stomme beat me…shoulda refreshed

Yep, that was it … no doctype. When I put it in as you suggested, all the angels began to sing. Such sweet music.

In response to your question, yes there was an image, but it was in the wrong place.

Thanks again,

Jack :smiley: