Roll-over image menu problem

Hi to All

I am experiencing a problem with a roll over image spry menu.

It can be viewed at

The problem I am having in Firefox is : the | after services in the menu has dropped below the rest of the |. I have tried re-positioning, with no luck.

The big problem I am having is with the dreaded IE 7 and 8. Normally IE 8 doesn’t give me any hastles. When you view the page the menu images which are .png do not show up at all.

I have never experienced this before.

If anyone knows what I have done wrong, could you please point me in the right direction to resolve this issue.

Thanks very much :injured:

Luckily I have got IE 6 as an extra in my contracts.
I think I must have read the article before. I know I would not have included IE 6 as an extra in my contract without reading an article like this.

Thanks very much for directing my attention back to the article. I can see you had my best interests at heart.

I applaud you “FaridHadi”

Thanks FaridHadi.

I am going to take a look at it now!


Wow. I was not aware of that.

Thank you very much for explaining and extending my knowledge base.
It is good to know, some clients still ask for their sites to be IE 6 complaint. I dropped IE 6 last after IE 8 was launched.

Do you still offer support for IE 6 as a standard?

Well, IE7 and 8 have full support of PNG (at least they understand the 256 alpha levels). It’s IE6 that doesn’t understand that transparency. It replaces it with a light gray background but doesn’t ignore the full image.
To be complete, IE6 understands 8bits PNG (equivalent to GIF with transparency).

Thank you so much McBenny. I really appreciate it. I was thinking that IE might not have support for .png files.

I will rectify this asap.

Thank you

Your image for “Services” is 16px height, all the others are 12px height… that may explain something…

For the disappearing in IE, if you do provide the attributes “width” and “height”, you must provide the values, if you write width=“”, it’s like you wrote width=“0”.


You might want to read this SitePoint article: 5 Steps to Have Fun and Profit From IE6
Also have a look at the comments.