Rogue Designers

Yet another time, I have to deal with the misbehavior of someone who calls himself/herself a designer. I have to make a new website for a client, since his former designer left this client completely empty handed. First of all did this person asked this client to pay € 700 as down payment which is awful, but still it is money. But worst! The domain name is registered on this rogue designers name and will expire on November 3rd.

My question is, what can be done about the domain name. I had issues like this before, but every time, when trying to solve it, I walk against a wall, because the registrar, and they are right, can’t take any action, since the name is not in clients name.

Sure, let us know how it went, and if the owner agreed to the proposal. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice! that is what i was thinking. That new domain name is not a bad decision after all I think. just need to convince the owner

Sounds like some poor decisions were made in the beginning. It may be difficult to get the domain if you can’t contact the designer. The same applies to the money. Instead, help the client buy a second domain as a backup, and start developing there. Help them get their own hosting too. Then if were the client, I would pay by the hour, and pay in smal increments of say $150 or so.