Roadmap to career in web development/programming

I have been in website development for 5 years (maybe more), i done freelancing too and some short jobs too. Now looking back at me, i see that i cannot decide what am i suitable for, front end or back end. I done a lot of HTML, CSS , WordPress and lately JavaScript, PHP, some SQL. But i lack knowledge like i am not a complete Guru of anyone. I have gaps e.g on front end, i cannot make a slide show, i don’t know ajax or understand jQuery.e.g in my last job all things were fine but when i had to connect WordPress to Java using Ajax, i was scared and got so scared that i lost my job. On backend, i cannot PHP OOP, MVC, PHP sessions, logins etc, though i can connect joins in SQL. Yet i get interview calls for full stack developers and i have a lot of people putting me up for PHP OOP, SQL , Grunt, Composer etc. I accept every kind of interview and get sad about it when i don’t have what they want or cannot write SQL or MVC. What should i focus on, and what roadmap should i take. What point should i say, i am a web developer?

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