Rip off report

Hi everyone,

i have a client who deals in financial consultancy services, well one of his previous clients falsely reported him as a scammer on ripoffreport website and this report shows on the top of the results in google’s first page searches whenever we search for our main keyword, which is really pathetic, well rest of the results are satisfactory. I have also created blog to improve results for our website.
So how can i remove this report result from top of the google results ?


The individual is going to have to take legal action against the person who submitted the report, if and only if the claims made are untrue. RipOffReport is notorious for refusing to take down submissions made by people and–even worse–they do not allow people to edit or remove submissions they made. So if someone posts something in anger, it is up and there is nothing they can do about it if they have second thoughts. RipOffReport has a high pagerank and ranks high in Google. There really isn’t a whole lot you can do.

Maybe your client should have some contractual language requiring people to deal with him/her or seek arbitration in cases of disputes instead of making posts on sites like RipOffReport.