Right Way to Create Backlinks

Can anyone please tel me the right way of creating backlinks, i mean to say blog commenting is better or fourm posting is better and directory & article submission links are better and not…! How can i get quality backlinks and where can i get it. please reply me.


The right way is to create unique an interesting content on your blog, submit it to some social bookmarking sites and if it is really good, people will share it on their blogs creating natural and quality backlinks.

Apparently article submission are not as powerful as it used to be. Google is already devaluing links from article submission such as Ezine articles because it was so easy to get approved. Blog commenting still works. I like to comment on edu websites for more powerful backlinks.

In SEO all terms are very important… submit your website to high PR websites, does not matter if those are article submission websites, forums or blog… for more quality links, try to get some backlinks from .edu .gov websites… google gives them high priority…

I agree, they are the basic SEO link building scheme. But what really Google likes is to make the creation of backlink to a site more natural by having goid quality content, and viral content which will spread on the web because the article/content its great.

But it’s not an easy task to get back links from .edu websites…on most of the .edu websites. comments are closed.


You’ve got a choice – you can go for ‘easy’ or ‘effective’ – but not both. Any links that are easy for you to get are easy for the millions of other people out there promoting their websites to get as well, and so are pretty much worthless. Blog commenting, forum posting and directory submission – as we have discussed many, many times in this forum – are of near enough zero value to SEO. Links in user-generated content are usually “nofollow”, at least on reputable sites – if they are not then they will either be heavily policed so that no self-promotion is allowed (as is the case here), or there will be so many thousands of outbound links that adding one more will be like putting a candle on the sun – it just won’t get seen.

The only way to get worthwhile links is to start with worthwhile content. Give other websites a reason to link to your site – ie, because they think your content will be useful or interesting to their readers. Find pages where a link to your site would be relevant and would benefit the page’s readers, and ask the website author to add a link. You won’t always get one, but when you do then the odds are that it will be worth more in Google’s eyes than a thousand blog comments and forum posts.

^ What he said. The best links are the ones that you don’t create. If you can get other people to share your content for you then that shows to Google that your site is popular, interesting and worthwhile.

WRONG! Google does not prefer links from .edu or .gov websites. The reason that those sites often rank highly is because they are high quality sites with good authority. A site with the same quality on any TLD would do just as well … and conversely a .gov or .edu site that is not up to the same standard is not worth anything more to Google than any other cowboy site out there. In particular, any .gov or .edu site that accepts your spam is not going to be considered a reputable site, any more than any other site that accepts your spam.[/font]

You have to think about Guest blog posting to get good backlinks.

If you want high quality backlinks then you should probably consider article submission in article directories and do some guest posting. This would give you some real good link juice. Blog commenting isn’t that effective these days because of excess spam comments which blogs get. Forum posting, is one way you get increase your quantity of links but then you don’t get quality.

There is only so much you can do when your just starting out. Blog comments, social booking marking sites are ok, but not enough. One of the best ways to get quality/permanent backs links is to create great content people will want to link to. But don’t stop there. Go out and create one on one relationships with webmasters in your niche. You know the art of talking to people and building rapport the way we used to do before the web.

Natural link building is the correct. place links on relevant websites. and dont spam them

The best way is slow and steady. It must look natural, so don’t over do it. You can ramp it up over time, but don’t just blast thousands of links to your website and then never link again. Backlinking is a game about consistency over time. You can vary your link sources, but keep them coming

I wish all my competitors would come here and read this thread. Keep giving them the “good” advice!

I have to agree with this. If you create content that’s worth sharing, there’s a big chance that the people will link back to that great content that you’ve created. About making link building a lot easier, I think the best way is the hard way of doing it, and that’s going for relationship and reputation building first. If you’ll just force your link into someone’s site, they’ll assume that you’re not giving any value to what they said at all.

[FONT=Verdana]Forum posting is not a good way to get backlinks. Most forums, like this one, have made all links “nofollow” because of the vast numbers of people trying to Spam them simply to get links.

This thread is starting to become repetitive. If you have something new to offer, please share it, but we don’t need any more posts repeating what has already been said.[/FONT]

Try to make natural link building, in that focus on branding of your website so your site will be promoted by brand name no keyword spamming, stuffing here.

Today , the main point is not about just creating backlinks! Instead try to be unique and use different way of presenting your info/content in front of the community! A single para or page of article submitted to different article directories is just a Ground level SEO game! Instead Follow this rule, The way in which you represent your data matters and influences! So in order to acquire quality backlinks along with awesome hits and sharing to your content, try to represent unique and different form of content! E.g. Embed timeline like posts in your blogs or other guest blog posts! Think creatively (as same you do in real world for your brick and mortar business) rather than being thirsty for submissions and submission and so on! Hell Yeah… I hate it ! Thanks to Penguin Update!

The right way is for you not to create backlinks and let them come naturally