Right Sidebar

Hi any help on getting the right sidebar to move up to the top on


The layout method here is a bit awkward. It’s better to have all the content on the left wrapped in a container, floated left. Then the sidebar can be floated right beside it. Having all the bits and pieces floated separately is making life unnecessarily difficult.

Ok I started over without the 960 grid no when I put the center content and right side bar it jumps out of the main container any help please.



Is the paragraph, “Precision Electrical Company services northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible. We put the “service” back in Customer Service.” supposed to fill the width of the page, 960px, or the width of the two columns, 700px?


Copy this folder to your PC. Double-click the itssecured1a.htm file to open it in your browser. It demonstrates how to arrange the HTML and CSS so the columns are as you described.

Most of the changes to the CSS are at the bottom. Not all, but most.

The HTML below the .rotator is boxed differently. #col and #col2 are replace by #colLeft and #colRight.

I left several outlines in place so you can visualize how the boxes are arranged. Comment-out or delete the outlines when you’re finished with them.


Please let me know after you have downloaded the file.

Thank you so much file downloaded.