Right Column Dropping?!

I just changed my website so that clicking on a Navigation Tab (e.g. Finance, Legal, Management) will display a different listing of Articles.

The dynamic part is working nicely - which is better than having to hard-code things - but now I am getting this bizarre behavior I cannot figure out…

When I click on the “Management” tab, my Right Column items are dropping down below the Article Listing.

The weird thing is that my HTML/CSS has been stable for several months, and the only thing I changed today - that I know of - was PHP and Mod_Rewrite code?! :-/

Here is a screen-shot of the “Finance” tab which seems to be okay…

And here is the “Management” tab which is freaking out…

Since my website is so far along, it is hard to post code up here, but for starters, I am hoping my screen-shots indicate something obvious that I am missing… :scratch:

(It sorta looks like a clear: both issue, but that didn’t work, plus it should apply to all tabs.)

Here is hoping this is something really silly, and that I don’t have a major problem that has went unnoticed?! :frowning:



Can you post a link to the site? At this stage, that would probably be better than posting code, anyway.
The screenshots are pending approval.

Unfortunately, I don’t have my website online yet.

I don’t mind posting some code, but wouldn’t know where to begin.

Hopefully the screen-shots will be enough? :-/



Ideally, make up a test page that demonstrates the behavior and post it here, with CSS in the head.


Now it is working?! (:

(My MySQL field was truncating the end of my “Article Summary” which is HTML, so maybe the missing “</a>” at the end was what was causing the issue?! Could have also been a caching issue with FireFox which has lead me on many a “wild goose chase” where I had an issue, fixed it, but the cached page lead me to believe that there was still an issue…)

Maybe just your presence, Ralph, was enough?! :wink:

Thanks anyways (and let’s hope it stays fixed)!!!


Hopefully the screen-shots will be enough?

Observables are the same in both images:

Pink Menu bg: 1075px
Listing of Articles: 878px
Right column itmes: 179px
column separation: 18px

The screens are different widths and do not include boundaries, such as the edge of the browser window, so edges are not measurable.


margin between the columns?
padding between the columns?
a cleared float that shouldn’t be cleared?

The test page that Ralph suggested would be the best choice sans a web site. :slight_smile:

Oops. we overlapped. Glad it’s working.