Right AdServer which can meet my requirements?

Hi :slight_smile:

I am looking for an ad server which can fit my special requirements.
I have a network of 1000s sites, I am serving the same ad on multiple (100s) of sites.

  1. We need to be able to set up the campaigns easily and quickly (minimum data entry)
  2. We need to be able to geo-target the ads (Our site network is worldwide) and get a report with geo-targeting features.
  3. We need to track the impressions of each ad per website/url and get a report. The report must give us an impression breakdown per website and per ad (in real-time).
    (again here, with minimum data entry. I don’t want to have to create 100 channels, zones, websites manually).

it is essential for me to have an impression breakdown per source url/website. (In order to track the performance of each ad on each sites where the ad has been served and then optimized my campaign).

Would you have any recommendation?
Do you know if there is an Adserver which is able to track the source url where my ad is being served (via variable, or Iframe?) and then can provide a report with the impression breakdown per url?

Thanks for your help!


Our system can handle most of what you are looking to do, just a matter of what approach makes the most sense for your use case. Our system allows for ad requests to include arbitrary data for reporting, be it a URL or identifier. As for reporting on this data, reporting is typically 1-5 minutes behind the event (impression, click, or conversion).

So, based on the three requirements:

  1. Setting up ads can be done through our interface manually -or- you could generate an import routine layered over our API.
  2. Geo-targeting is built into our system
  3. Tracking impressions to a website or URL is possible, just not real-time but close to real-time, without the need to create a channel or zone for each site.

What other requirements did you have? What type of creative(s) are you looking to server?