Richard Stallman answers reddit AMA

A request on for Free Software Foundation founder and GNU hacker Richard Stallman (rms) to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) has been fulfilled.

Actually, question 14 was pretty interesting to me: How can we apply the concepts of free software development to the
upcoming biological revolution of synthetic and hybrid organisms?

For those completely unfamiliar with rms, he’s the reason both open source and free software actually went anywhere, and Linux is where it is today because basically the Linux kernel was able to run GNU and this is why we actually have working Linux OSes. He’s also a radical fanatic, seeing the world in mostly black and white and lives a rather strange lifestyle due to his insistence on abiding by his strict principles, mostly regarding freedom.

This isn’t actually as completely open as a regular reddit AMA, and I think there’s at least one big typo in there where a question looks like part of Stallman’s answer to a question (#12), but, still interesting.