Rich Snippet but where is the code?

Good morning from cloudy but warm wetherby UK. When in google search type “Wetherby Whaler” its a local chip shop. O notice in the rankings it has a rich snippet ie not the standard listing heres a link explaining rich snippets if your not familiar:
YouTube - ‪Google I/O 2011: Scalable Structured Markup‬‏

But my question is please “Where is the microformat in the source code?”

Ive trawled through the source code but cant find it :frowning:

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Where Google can’t find a suitable snippet in the meta description or page contents, it sometimes pulls it from DMOZ.

Wow that is an answer, I didnt know DMOZ had any value anymore. In a nutshell waht is the true worth of DMOZ?

If you want to block Google from pulling the DMOZ description you can put this in your page header:
<meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”>

Google says they reserve the right to pull the meta description from the content body if they think it is more relevant then the meta description you provide.

DMOZ is considered as one of the more important directories, from a search engine’s point of view, because it has high standards and doesn’t just let in any old cruft. The downside is that, as a webmaster, it can be quite hard to get into – I’ve seen reports of people waiting more than 6 months for their site link to be approved, and submissions can be rejected on fairly minor technical points.