Hi Guys,

wondering if anyone can help me out here

i done a logo in photoshop cs4 rgb format and have a nice green bright gradient on it

however now that i want to put the logo on some business cards i copy it over to the cmyk file and it becomes a dull gradient :frowning:

is there anyway to improve this?

the rgb gradient i am using is

#0ea315 - #12e21c

I strongly suggest creating logos in CMYK mode with Illustrator -or any other vector software- (unless they are going to be exclusively used for display on screens).
Afterwards you can enhance the web/display version in Photoshop (RGB would be ok then for this version).


Unfortunately not all RGB colours can be replicated in CMYK. The CMYK colour gamut is much smaller than RGB, and therefore less colours are possible.

The colour picker in Photoshop will tell you if a colour is out of gamut by displaying a little exclamation mark.

In comparison to your RGB logo, your CMYK version will always look dull. Manually adjusting the colour could help a little, but you won’t be able to match the RGB version exactly.

If you really want to keep a bright colour, you could organise with your printer to use a spot colour (eg. a Pantone swatch, etc) to maintain that green but they will usually charge extra for that.

Hope that helps,

tjk pretty much summed it up.

One trick that you can use to avoid nasty surprises like this is to turn on the “Proof Colours”, this will keep your file in RGB but preview the colours in CMYK. You’ll get a feel for what sort of change you are likely to get switching between modes without actually doing it. (Found under the View Menu).