Rewrite image URL with query string to PHP file

hi, all!

Googled for like 2 hours but I can’t figure it out :frowning:

I’ve got a URL like this:

I just need to rewrite it to by using .htacesss:

but I can’t seem to find the right .htaccess (the best I got, everything after the question mark is cut off). :frowning:

can anybody help?

thanks!!! :blush:


If you’ve tried it, what mod_rewrite code have you been using? Please show your attempt (an explanation of WHY it went wrong will help you learn - and that’s what I’m here for, not to code for members.

Because the redirection will be hidden, please provide the correct information for the DirectoryIndex file in the image-checker directory as /? is NOT what how webmaster would code.