Review my Portfolio Website

Hello, I just finished my web developer portfolio website and I am looking for some constructive criticism. Here is the link:

Also, I’m looking to build my portfolio with some real client projects, so does anyone know where I can offer my services? I’m offering to build someone’s website for free, as long as it’s for a business.

Hi @tneilson08 and a warm welcome to the forum.

The site looks ok , Google Mobile Friendly with a good choice of colours.

I was most surprised at the rendering speed especia;;y considering the web-page is over 10M with and 28 files!

I was disappointed that there are numerous errors with the following validation tools?

CSS Validation

HTML Validation

I suggest you approach a local charity or not-for-profit group and offer your services. Many of these groups survive on a shoestring, and would be very grateful for such help.

It would also gain you some goodwill in the local community, which might be helpful with finding paying clients later.

Yes It is good idea to monetize your creativity and it should be approach smartly. So there are many way to contact them using Freelance website where you offer service to your client and you can promote your service in google.

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