Review my Drupal Website Design

Hi guys,

I am currently on a final sprint (4/5 of web development phase) of a Drupal portfolio website. Various web technologies were implemented on this website like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Drupal CMS, and SEO. This website is created as a portfolio website to promote business.

Please check my website at :

I am hoping for everyone’s feedback regarding the design of my website and looking for some improvement points.

Many thanks,


The only thing I immediately noticed it that scrolling the page on an iPad is very jerky. I can’t look on a laptop right now to see if it is the same there, where I’d also have access to some better tools to see if I can see what might be affecting that.

Hi chrisofarabia,

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I will try to figure that one out regarding jerky scrolling on safari browser. Your feedback is a great help to improve the operation of the website.

Many thanks!


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