Review #2 for Javascript code

trying to figure out that if one of my sprites reaches the red triangle in the easy maze that it will switch to a different screen called “WinScreen”. im also trying to figure out how to make it so they appear on the other maze screens which they do not. i am using applab by code. org and have posted a similar post on a bit of a different subject. new to coding trying to work through this thanks.

here is the library of code that is given:

So… again, let’s talk theory. Or rather, you talk theory to me.

Forget the code for the moment; explain to me in english, and in as much detail as possible, what you want to happen. Complete the following three sentences:

For example, i’ll explain an unrelated idea:
Given that I have created a thread,
When a user posts a comment in my thread, if that comment contains any of the words “m_hutley”, “Marc”, “OP”, “author”, “admin”, or “help”, and they have not posted in the thread before,
Then I want the server to send me a notification containing the user’s name, the thread URL, and a timestamp.

ok… so @m_hutley

given i have created a sprite
when the sprite reaches the red triangle on the Eazy Maze screen
then i want to change the screen to my winning screen

Ok, so now start expanding the sentences.
so what defines ‘when the sprite reaches the red triangle’?
“Given that I have created a sprite, a triangle that is red, an Easy Maze Screen, and a Winning Screen, and that the sprite and triangle are on the Easy Maze Screen,”
“When … sprite… triangle,”
“Then change to the Winning Screen”

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