Reversing an animation in Raphael?

I am transforming and scaling an SVG object to go to the center of the Raphael paper/canvas on the click event. I’d like to get it to return to its original size and position when clicked again. Here’s my code…

        $(window).ready(function() {
            var paper = new Raphael(document.getElementById('atom_ctr'),324,331)
            var fb = paper.image('img/FB.svg',60,66,32,32);
            $(fb.node).click(function() {
                if (fb.isPointInside(162,165)) {
                    fb.animate({transform: '...t-96,-86s.4'},1500,'elastic');
                } else {
                    fb.animate({transform: 't96,86s2.5'},1500,'elastic');

Using Firebug, it looks like there is no identifier or class that I can hook onto in order to reverse the animation, which is why I tried using the isPointInside function. Thing is, I can get one side or the other of the if/else statement to evaluate, but not both! :nono: Thanks in advance for your help!