Reverse position of .SWF file?

Hi all… be gentle on a poor flash-ignoramus!

I’ve got a .swf file which I’d like to reverse (I don’t mean play backwards, I mean swap around to it’s mirror image - left to right).

Is this possible? What would be the easiest way to do this if it is possible?

I don’t have much “kit” as I don’t use flash files much. I’ve got SwishMax and Swish video 3.

Thanks in advance!

Easiest way would be to load it dynamically into an empty movieclip in a shell swf, then set the xscale of that movieclip to -100 once it’s loaded. Not familiar with Swish products so not sure if they’ll be able to do this.

Thanks EastCoast - that gives me something to work with - I’ll go see if something like that is possible.