Return user to sitepoint

Hi, my name is Linda Walker and I started using your book about two years ago, but didn’t finish. I am a returning user to sitepoint and I want to learn how to do website. I am using the same computer (laptop) and want to start over because I want to get a good understanding of what building websites are about. I don’t know how to erase everything that was put on my laptop with my earlier tries of building website. How can I do this?

Hi Linda. :slight_smile:

Basically, getting rid of what you did before should just be a matter of Select All > Delete … but it might depend on how you set things up. Which book are you using?

I have the book, “Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS”, I am not sure if I should be using this book or HTML5. IF I use the HTML5 book, I’m afraid I might miss important ground level information from the book I already have. What should I do?

Hehe, read them both. :slight_smile: HTML5 really just adds a few new elements into the mix, so either book is fine for learning web design. But the older book is completely relevant to today’s web, and covers a lot of important ground. The two books are not mutually exclusive.

Thanks, I get started