Return php error using sweet alert

Hi i need to return a error using sweet alert, this is what I’ve done so far

Javascript code

      $('#emptytrash').click(function() {

        title: "Sicuro di voler eliminare tutti i messaggi?",
        text: "I messaggi verranno eliminati in modo permanente e non potranno più essere recuperati!",
        type: "warning",
        showCancelButton: true,
        confirmButtonColor: "#DD6B55",
        confirmButtonText: "Si, elimina tutti",
        cancelButtonClass: "btn btn-danger",
        cancelButtonText: "No, non procedere!",
        closeOnConfirm: false
          url: "delete_all.php",
          method: "POST",
          dataType: 'json'

          success: function(response) {

            swal('Deleted!', response.message, response.status);




this is my delete_all.php


	// Prelevo l'id dell'amministratore e lo passo ad una variabile
	$userid = $_SESSION['user_id'];

	$delete_inbox = mysqli_prepare($conn, "DELETE FROM user_inbox where user_inbox_user=? AND user_inbox_status = 'trash'"); 
	       mysqli_stmt_bind_param($delete_inbox, 'i', $userid);

	 if ($delete_inbox) {

        $response['status']  = 'success';
 		$response['message'] = 'Product Deleted Successfully ...';

    } else {

        $response['status']  = 'error';
 		$response['message'] = 'Unable to delete product ...';

    echo json_encode($response);


How can I report json messages for success or errors using sweet alert? Many thanks for your help


For me it’s easy to do like this in returning response.

In your server side.

 $msg = "success"
  $msg = "error";

return json_encode(['msg'=>$msg]);

Now in in your client side

 success: function(response) {
         if(response.msg === 'success'){
          //alert success
          //alert error

Hi @jemz many thanks for your help. Can i also ask another question? Do i need to sanitize json output for security reasons?

You might actually just set an appropriate response code:

  if (!isset($_SESSION['user_id']) {
    // Not authorized
    die(); // ... or better return if inside a function

  // etc...

  if (!$delete_inbox) {
    // Internal server error

And if that code is an error code (4xx or 5xx), the error() callback will be called:

  url: 'delete_all.php',
  method: 'DELETE',
  success (response) {
    // ...
  error (response) {
    // ...

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