Retrieving domain from moonfruit


I am doing a friends website, they currently have a website that they can edit through moonfruit. I want to design them a website, so they don’t have to pay the annual fee to moonfruit to edit their website.

How would I go about transferring the domain name from moonfruit to my hostgator hosting account?

Thanks in advance

Checking out the moonfruit FAQ section:

If you want to transfer your domain to another registrar, we would need to release its ‘handle’ back to Gandi, the registrar. You will then be able to log into their site and arrange the transfer.

If you want to go ahead with this, please confirm by reply. Please note that the release cannot be reversed.

Looks like your customer needs to contact moonfruit support with a ticket and ask them to release it, you should then be able to add it to your hostgator account. They do not seem to be very speedy doing it looking at some other comments on the website.

Thanks for the reply, will get on it now.

What if I don’t have a Gandi account? and how would I renew the domain name when it is due for renewal?

Thanks in advance

What if I don’t have a Gandi account?

I presume that is an account the person who was requesting the transfer was going to use to register the domain.

Once the domain is registered at your hostgator account it will be like any other domain name you have there; you will pay for the renewals as normal through hostgator.

Sorry I’m still confused.

If I email moonfruit and ask them to release the domain name what is my next step after that?

Some instructions from the macworld website:

Here’s the sequence you need to follow at your current registrar:
•Remove private registration if you have it (as noted above), and wait for confirmation that your domain name registration is now in your name and with a current email address.
•Unlock the domain name, if it’s locked, which is now standard policy at most registrars. You have to be logged in on your registrar’s website to the account, and follow its instructions to unlock the domain. Unlocking happens immediately, unless something is broken, as this status is reported directly to the TLD’s central authority.
•Request an authorization code to make the transfer. That code is nearly always sent via email; some Web hosts display it on a special webpage instead. (For some TLDs, you may not need a code, but simply approve the transfer via a link sent via email. For others, the process of getting a code is somewhat involved.)

At your new registrar, you follow these steps:
•Set up an account. (You likely have already done this if you read my advice earlier.)
•Follow the prompts to transfer a domain, not register a new one. If you failed to unlock the domain or your current registrar didn’t follow procedures, you won’t be able to get beyond this step until that’s done.
•Choose domain services, if options are available, and pay for the domain. ICANN rules essentially require that domains are paid for in advance of the transfer.
•Enter the authorization code you received in email when prompted.