Resume Submission - How do I save Chrome DevTools changes I make to live HTML?

I need help with chrome developer tools to send a resume to a job board.

The HR application page requires that I paste a class or name or value into the button element properties to send the resume.

On the source I can see the property to be copy/pasted in the hidden input.

Within Chrome DevTools I’ve pasted it in as a class and as a name numerous time but it isn’t going through.

I sent another resume last week with a similar challenge (this is the new new thing for HR people) and it worked but not this one.

I’m making changes within the “elements” tab of Chrome DevTools. Is that correct?
Once I make the change I’m supposed to push the button but how do I make my changes stick?

<input type="hidden" name="wizard" />
		<br />
		<button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Submit</button>

I need to add “wizard” as a class to the button (I think).

Thank you for your help!

The dev tools are mainly just for testing and debugging. They are not a web design tool per se (the changes only last in your own browser until you refresh the page). The Chrome tools have gotten more sophisticated of late, where you can copy the new code you’ve created, but I suspect you still need to use your normal FTP tools (or whatever tools you used to create and upload the site) to make updates.

Yah… also take care WHAT part of the view source you copy.

If you have edited the CSS / JS no prob.
If you have edited the HTML and your site is static… no prob.

But if your site is dynamic… (PHP/ASP… any type of CMS) you will cause troubles and possibly FUBAR the whole site.

It is best to see what part of your script generates the button, many CMS allow you to add custom classes… or otherwise edit that part of the output

A friend outside of SitePoint sent me the answer. I was trying to add a class to the button like I did on another job application last week.

Here is my friend’s message:

“Did you figure it out? I was able to just set value=“true” for the
hidden input (with name=“wizard”) and it worked.”

I asked him how he knew to add this value. He said:

“Because form submissions send name/value pairs, such as from textboxes
and checkboxes… but also from hidden inputs.”

So I went into Google Chrome Developer’s Tools and added the value. It worked.

The thing is that although I cannot save the page on the recruiter’s server, the change is temporarily live on DevTools.

Plan on seeing this routine ad nauseam on job sites. It is the new “You mis-spelled a word.” :slight_smile:

The Style panel is on the right (obviously). And in that panel will be the links to all the files involved in the page (both the html and its corresponding style sheets). Click on the link to the html file. This will open the Source panel.

While this is open (on the left panel), right click in this panel. A number of options will appear, including “Save as…” Navigate to the directory the file belongs in and save.

Of course, the precautions mentioned in other posts ought to be considered…but that’s how you would save to a file (vs the Dev Tools temp save system).

** NOTE **

Using CTRL-S will only save to the browser storage, it won’t save the actual file. “Save As…” is the option you want.


Hmmm…I guess I misread the op. It is for a live html site that you may not have access to. I was just providing a simple solution for a file on your own HD. Sorry.