Results in table

I have a query select all rounds where username = ‘$user’
this is my code

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM rounds WHERE username = '$user'");
		echo "<table width='600' border='1'>
					<th>Date Played</th>
			while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
				echo "<tr>
						<td align='center'>",$row['courseplayed'],"</td>
						<td align='center'>",$row['dateplayed'],"</td>
						<td align='center'>",$row['par'],"</td>
						<td align='center'>",$row['score'],"</td>
						<td align='center'></td>

it pulls all the data correctly but only puts one of the results in the table the rest are under the table. What am I missing to get all the results in the table?

Your closing TABLE tag is included in the ‘while’ loop; it gets printed each iteration.
If you “View Source” on the output page you will see this.
Move the closing ‘table’ tag to a single ‘echo’ statement at the end of this code and you will be in good shape.

Thanks ParkinT