Restrict Like/Comment Access to Fans Only

Hey guys,

I have seen that on some Facebook pages, you are not allowed to like or comment on the posts unless you have liked the page. For instance:

But anyone can like or comment on my page posts.

Does anyone know how I can restrict the like/comment access to fans only? This is my facebook page:

Thanks in advance.

Head on over to your settings, click manage permissions and depending on the type of page you have you’ll see the option to change this.

You should keep in mind however that disabling guest posts also disables what guests see and makes your page appear less interactive and more of a wall. Why do i have to “LIKE” to comment? What if I have an issue with your brand… are you saying I have to be a fan to complain? For every marketing decision think about the impact.

Hi Ted,

Thanks very much. I am sorry to say that I cannot find that option in the manage permissions. Could you tell me which kind of page has this option?

Thanks very much.

Not all page types have this option as far as I understand it.

Yes, you are right.

We have fixed the problem. LOL

Thanks for your help:)

I have exactly the same problem! I can’t put permissions so that only registered users to comment.

How exactly did you do this? Because I’m searching this in Google, found this topic and there is NO explanation on how you did it, which is quite frustrating! Did you change your Facebook page category? Into what?

I only found this which is irrelevant:
“Everyone can post to x timeline
Everyone can add photos and videos to x timeline”