Restrict images in Excerpt plugin


I am using the following code to show the 2 latest blog stories on a homepage:

			<div class="panelcontent">
		        $iNumberOfPosts = 0;
			    while ($iNumberOfPosts < 2 && have_posts()) : the_post('showposts=2'); ?>
					<div class="panelnews">
						<span style="color:#999933"><?php the_time('j F Y') ?></span><br/>
				        <strong><?php the_title(); ?></strong>
					    <p><?php content('20'); ?></p>
				        <?php $iNumberOfPosts++; ?>
			    <?php endwhile; ?>

On this page:

See middle panel, the images are causing formatting issues. Is there a way i can NOT show the images here and show only the text?


I have had a look on Google but can’t seem to find anything specific to what i am trying to accomplish?

Can anyone help?