Responsive Web Design Examples without Frameworks

Hello everyone and thanks for your help in advance. I am new to RWD and want to start building sites using only HTML, CSS, and some javascript without using any frameworks. My problem is that most examples use some type of framework or canned scripting. I 'm hoping someone can point me to some examples that can help me get up to speed with the very basic skills. Any help would be appreciated.

You don’t need any sort of framework to make a reponsive web site. Neither do you need to use JavaScript. What’s needed is:

  1. A fluid grid

  2. Well chosen media queries

  3. Flexible images

As for an example website, I’d suggest a read through the Ethan Marcotte article that started it all off -


For the desktop layout of the responsive site, how many columns do you want?

Also, I would suggest searching YouTube for “responsive web design”.

Thanks so much for the response. Excellent article and I did find some good You Tube content such as

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