Responsive Table Generator Plugin For Wordpress

Hi guys,

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I’m a self taught web developer who is in the process of creating a free wordpress plugin for people who have trouble creating responsive tables in html5.

why you created it
I’m currently in the process of developing a website for a client and when they asked me to create a plugin for them so they can insert tables that are responsive into the website, I had to think of creatives ways they can easily insert responsive tables. Their website is based around rally racing so timing and results are important for them.

Because their HTML5, responsive CSS were not so strong, I didn’t want them to have to deal with any code for their tables to work, so I created a plugin that would take their CSV files and convert them into responsive html. One of the biggest features of this plugin is you can easily select which columns you want hidden when the screen gets down to tablet size.

I realized more people could make use of this so I decided to create the following plugin from scratch to help the wordpress community.

what challenges it involved
I’m a self taught developer so every new line of code is something I’m constantly learning and improving. Developing wordpress themes and plugins is very new to me so having to read and understand the wordpress api has been tricky but nonetheless very useful.

what you do and don’t like about it
I really like the fact that users can see their table in real-time and select which columns they want hidden, easily.

I don’t like the fact that its very basic in terms of styling and functionality. I want to improve upon the plugin by adding essential features and good to have features such as shortcode generator because currently the table generator outputs plain html that users have to copy and paste into their website. It would be a lot better if they copied a simple shortcode instead.

how you hope to improve it
I already have plans to include further develop the plugin, adding features such as shortcodes but I mainly want to fix the DOCS and styling both in the front-end and back-end. Right now it looks very basic but that is because I wanted to get the functionality working before going on to styling. I also plan on including a small video tutorial for people so they know how to work the plugin.

My questions for this community would be, will you use something like this? Do you think people with no coding skills might find this useful? Am I wasting my time developing something for free that people will/will not use? What are some things that you think I can improve on? I read that reviews were not allowed in this section but hopefully I haven’t broken any rules by asking these questions.

Thank you all in advance.


I can see this being very useful to people, though at the moment, I’m only going off the description above and on GitHub. Do you have any screenshots you could put up to show us how it currently looks, or a site where we could see how a table behaves?

My only other line of thinking, is could it be adapted to perform the same function on b2evolution.

Hey, thanks for the comment. I will have pictures and video tutorial up by tomorrow the latest. I’ve also submitted the plugin to the wordpress directory, hopefully it gets accepted.

About the second comment about b2evolution, my answer is truthfully I have no idea what that is but ill look into it.

This is your best reference to answer the question about what b2evo is -

It may give you a slight hint as to why I posed the question :wink:

That’s very interesting I didn’t know wordpress spun off of b2. Anyway, I updated the gitpage with pictures and GIFS showing off the plugin a little bit. Hope its helpful for people!

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

A lot of that info used to be up on Wikipedia, but the b2/cafelog page has been collapsed into the Wordpress one, losing something in the process.

Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce my wordpress plugin has been accepted into the wordpress plugins directory. I have also updated the plugin with more options such as the ability to filter and sort through the tables. I’ve also updated the back-end styles so it is now more fluent and easier to use. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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