Resource Scheduler/Managment website - need ideas for layout/design please

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where I should look for information on how to code up a resource management website. A brief description of the project is that I have to set up a site using ColdFusion that will allow multiple users to book 12 conference rooms on a daily basis. I’m sorta having a hard time getting my head around exactly how to go about this - however I figured I’d use some nested tables to present the list of rooms - in the left column - allow the user to pick which day of the week or possibly month/year that they want to book the room - then enter information about the meeting that they’re booking - with the final result being a visual representation of how many hours they’ve ‘reserved’ and display graphically how many hours (in 15 minute increments) remain.

So at a glance a user could determine how many rooms are still available, how much time is left or used on any given room/day, etc. x 12 rooms.

I’m hoping to end up with a grid-looking page that would be dynamic based on the queries to the db that lend themselves to re-sizing the table fields based on amount of time used vs. available.

My problem is that once I have the list of rooms (populated by a list in the db); I’m not sure how to go about setting up the rest of the page with the appropriate tables/fields that’s visually appealing. I have done something similar to this but it’s not ‘graphical’ - just displays the text and the users want something more ‘at a glance’ friendly so they don’t have to read all the details - such as I display what time the rooms are free - like time of day on Conference Room 1 - last meeting is over at 3:00 p.m. - so they’re saying they’d rather see a bunch of empty blocks representing the last two hours of the day (which would be 8 empty squares) which means the room is available until 5 p.m.

Hope this makes some kinda sense…any direction, suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks much!