Resolving questions

I thought there used to be a command in the Thread Tools menu to mark a thread as resolved. Or was it where we could edit the original post and put something like [SOLVED] in the title.

Anyway, please give us that type of option.

What version of vBulletin is this, anyway? I thought vBulletin had that functionality built in out of the box, why was it removed?

So, is anyone going to answer this?

I’ve been a member for a while and have used Thread Tools quite a bit. I don’t remember ever seeing such option. Perhaps you are thinking of a different forum?

I belong to another forum which also uses vBulletin and does have the “Solved” option under “Thread Tools”. However, they’re using an earlier version of vBulletin (3.8.7). There was also a long period when the function was unavailable, possibly after an upgrade, so I don’t know if it’s native to vBulletin or their own script.

This is the latest version (4.1.11) and it doesn’t have that option out of the box. I am sure there are plugins that exist though.