[RESOLVED] .ZAP file compression method?


i had to compress a .zip file (with 2 images) to a .zap file . This is the first time i’m hearing about it and i didn’t find much help after googling. I tried filewrangler which is a trial version and i could not create an archive with .zap.

does anyone know why is this used. Basically i don’t want to install any kind of MS applications, just want to convert .zip to .zap.

What shall i do? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no such thing as a ZAP archive (As far as I’m aware), I think whomever asked for it was mistaken :slight_smile:

thanks alex .So there might not be a compression method but is it some kind of installation file mentioned here in wiki


but what is the point if you just want to open 2 images ? i’m doing this bcoz the company accepting this needs it that way

Ahh OK, it’s an installation directive script, they probably need it like that because their server requires it for security reasons :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the clarification, i’ll search if there’s a way to create that. :frowning:

i guess this was not possible using file wrangler and we forced them to use a .zip

so how can i mark this thread a resolved ? :slight_smile: