Resolution issue during design

i have made a page layout using table & css
with resolution 1024 it appears correctly as designed
but with resolution 1366 the controls appears to be moved

  1. give fixed width for table
  2. align center table

if this not help post your code

You know that method of page layout is 10+ years out of date, right? (You have to expect that response here. :slight_smile: ) Anyhow, tables, like divs, expand and contract by nature, unless you tell them otherwise. As sidd said, we need to see you page to advise further.

Hello svibuk :).

You may have made a table with teh additional help of CSS, though tables and widths don’t go together nicely. Your best bet, as mentioned before, is to just ditch the tables and allow yoru structure to be made with <div>'s and use floating to get column effects.

You may not like the idea of having to start your structure again from scratch, however it’s for the best. Tables aren’t meant to be the structure of a document. They are only meant to hold tabular data :).