Resilient CSS

Very informative videos from Jen Simmons on constructing resilient CSS layouts.

Worth a watch :slight_smile:


I did not know that some browsers may strip away the css code! Holy smokes~

Pssst, don’t give up. Moses was once a basket case.

Always get a second opinion.

What an earth are you talking about? Did you post in the wrong thread?


I will explain!

Don’t give up, if you are concerned about other browsers stripping away your css.

Moses’s mother sent him down the Nile in a Papyrus basket to escape the Pharaoh’s orders that every new born Hebrew boy be killed.

Always get a second opinion if others don’t really trust what Simmons said in her video.

You are talking in riddles that bear no meaning on the subject!

There is nothing to get a second opinion on as it is just an explanation of how things work.

If you disagree with something that’s been said then state your case and discuss it but talking in riddles doesn’t help clarify anything.


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