Reset transition back to original position

I’m trying to find a way to reset navigation bar back to its original position before the transition. Any ideas on how to do it? I tried adding and removing classes but it doesn’t really work accept for the first if statement.

window.onload = function (){
var nav = document.getElementById(‘nav’)

window.addEventListener(‘scroll’, function () {
if (window.pageYOffset >= 100) {
// = ‘block’;


  if (window.pageYOffset <= 100)  {
//add another class?



Well… if you add transition, and then toggle transition… transition gets shut off.

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Looks like it fixed the issue, when would the toggle method be ideal for classes?

Toggle is for when you’re working with state-indeterminate systems.

You have a button for an accordion DIV. Said button needs to both open and close the accordion.
You COULD code the function as state-determinate, with an if (open) { close} else {open}.
Or you could code it state indeterminate toggle. Toggle just says… “whatever state it was in, make it the other one.”

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