Reset Toggle when another button is clicked?

Hi all,

I have two buttons, both of which are targeting the same ID.
The problem I have is that if “.close” is clicked, then “.calendar” must be toggled back to the original position before opening #navigation again. I’d rather not have to click it twice.

Is there a way I can reset .calendar’s toggle when .close is clicked? Or can I easily combine the two function to avoid this problem?

         $(".calendar").toggle(function () {
			$("#navigation").animate({"left": "165px", "opacity": 1}, 500);  },
			function () {
			$("#navigation").animate({"left": "0px", "opacity": 1}, 500);
	 $(".close").click(function () {
			$("#navigation").animate({"left": "0px", "opacity": 1}, 500);

–quoted from someone who reported his answer rather than post it