Reset HTML form fields (avoid undo capability)

Hi Guys,

I’ve an issue in SPA (single page application based on AngularJS)

  1. The user login to the system using navbar that contains username and password, behind the scene I’m resetting the form that contains the login and pass…
  2. The user presses a link to his/her profile.
  3. Pressing the navbar logoff button I’m sending the user to the home page.
  4. If I stand in the username input control and press Control + Z to undo I get the username and another Control + Z retrieves the password as well.

Thank you,

There is no way to turn off undo

If you don’t want people to be able to perform those undos and see what password they used to log in then you will need to find some way of getting rid of the password.

All login systems suffer from the same problem - using back and undo both take the person back through previous values and pages that they have previously viewed in the browser. If they don’t want to be able to have that happen then they need to close the browser after logging off before using back or undo.